The city was founded almost a millennium ago by a group of powerful Eladrin mages, who set up the city as a place of refuge for those seeking to master the arcane arts. This has been carried forward through generations in the form of a magocratic council, composed of the most powerful mages in the city.


The city is governed by four mages who are elected by trial of arcane power. A challenger may challenge any council member to an arcane duel, and if the challenger wins, he or she replaces the old mage on the council. The current four members of the council are as follows:

Elegnor – A good-aligned Eladrin wizard who manages the defence of the city. He is over two centuries old, and succeeded to power 40 years ago.

Niserie – A neutral-aligned Eladrin sorcerer who performs scrying and divination for the rest of the council. She is young, just over a century old, and succeeded to power only five years ago.

Athinror – A lawful-good aligned Eladrin wizard who manages the economic factors of government, from trade laws to taxation. He is almost as old as Elegnor, and just as wise.

Nerwenye – A good-aligned Eladrin scholar who serves as book-keeper and lawmaker for the city. She is older than Niserie, but younger than Athinror and Elegnor, and came into power about 10 years ago.

Population and Wealth

Population – Roughly 6700, 40% Eladrin, 20% Elves, 5% Half-Elves, 10% Humans, 10% Halflings, 5% Half-Orcs, 10% Dwarves.

Total Wealth – Roughly 5,000,000gp.

Taxation – 10% of all income is given to the government. 20% of all sales is given to the government.


Captain of the Guard – Reece Edwards, Human fighter. Became Captain of the Guard after his predecessor died in an ambush outside the city.

Guards and Militia – 200 trained soldiers, 750 semi-trained militia. 150 city wardens.


The city was originally formed around the School of the Arcane, as a residential area for students there. Young children who show promise in the Arcane Arts are subsidised and sent to the School.

The main patron of the city is Corellon, and one of the most central buildings is a temple to Corellon, which most of the Eladrin population visit frequently for prayer.


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