Places of Interest in Ladriathon


Aside from the many shops in the city, Ladriathon offers many other places to visit, from the Monastery of the Warrior Monks of Kord to Corellon’s School of the Arcane.


Temple to Avandra – Run by Saric Galbas, Halfling Male
Saric is an ex-merchant who gave up his wealth to build the temple, so that others may seek wealth through Avandra. There is also a shrine to Erathis in his temple.

Temple of Beauty – Run by Gildenel, Eladrin Male
Gildenel is a follower of Corellon, and has been running the Temple of Beauty for the last 30 years. The temple is dedicated to Corellon, patron deity of Ladriathon, and so is the grandest temple in the city. There is also a shrine to Moradin in the temple.

Haven of the Wilderness – Run by Miriel Irindis, Elf Female
Miriel is a follower of Melora, and is a sworn protector of the Celestial Forest, to the south. She also permits the worship of Sehanine in her temple.

Monasteries and Schools

Monastery of the Warrior Monks of Kord
The Warrior Monks train in the art of battle as part of their service to Kord. They are called upon to help the people of Ladriathon in times of war.

Corellon’s School of the Arcane – Run by Galore, Eladrin Male
The School of the Arcane is a place for all apprentice mages to learn skills, and is also a source of knowledge for the people of Ladriathon.

Places of Interest in Ladriathon

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