Shops of Ladriathon


The city contains many shops which serve a multitude of purposes. The shops sell anything from mundane weapons and armour to magic focii.


The Mithril Hammer – Owned by Argmar Silverhand, Dwarf Male
The Hammer sells all kinds of mundane weapons and armour, and any that Argmar hasn’t got in stock, he can forge to order. Argmar is always up for gossip with fellow dwarves, and those who offer him free drinks will be considered friends for life.

The Copper Table – Owned by Erbin Dalema, Eladrin Female
The Copper Table sells some of the most beautiful sets of armour in Ladriathon, though its owner, Erbin, has a short temper and little time for strangers.

The Favorable Shield – Owned by Accolon Indelore, Elf Male
Accolon runs the Shield all by himself, and handcrafts each of the pieces in front of the customer. He has a strange notion of self-importance, and charges 10% extra, because he thinks that his crafts are superior.

Magic Supplies

The Loremaster’s Sword – Owned by Florimel Vorion, Eladrin Male
The Loremaster’s Sword sells all kinds of reagents, ritual focii and magic implements. Florimel has a very in-depth understanding of the arcane arts, and can help his customers deal with any problem they encounter.

The Scholar’s Haven – Owned by Maharg Yanvastur, Human Male
The Scholar’s Haven sells almost any ritual under the sun, and the owner, Maharg, can help his customers find exactly the ritual they need.

Jewellry/Art Shops

The Rising Phoenix – Owned by Rhanie Adarion, Elf Female
Rhanie is amazing at her work, carving beautiful symbols and insetting flawless gems to the customer’s commissions. She can also value (and will often buy) gems and art objects.

General Stores

Common Stuff – Owned by Tessa Gare, Halfling Female
Tessa is always full to the brim with gossip, but be careful. Anything anyone tells Tessa will most likely be told to her next customer as well.

Ladriathon Tradesman’s House – Owned by Coraen Itemil, Eladrin Male
Coraen deals solely in bulk orders, and so can get his customers a discount on whatever they are buying. He also controls the trade route that runs down the river.


The Rusty Horse – Owned by Enrys Andamen, Elf Male
Frequented by the commoners of the town, fights are frequent (and bloody) in this tavern.

The Blissful Lion – Owned by Crowley Saili, Half-Elf Male
Its patrons are a mix of adventurers and more respectable townsfolk.

The Copper Flask – Owned by Risca Fairbanks, Halfling Female
The most popular tavern in the town, the Flask’s prices make it an option only for adventurers.


The Warrior’s Hall – Owned by Galak Urhutz, Half-Orc Male
The inn of choice for battle-hardy adventurers seeking a nights rest.

The Drunken Hound – Owned by Forin and Durin Ironchest, Dwarf Male and Female
The Drunken Hound is always full of stories and rumours for the adventurers to delve into.

Shops of Ladriathon

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